National Post Partnerships

Postmedia Network Inc. is a Canadian news media company representing more than 125 brands across multiple print and digital platforms. Award-winning journalists and innovative product development teams bring engaging content to millions of people every week whenever and wherever they want it. This exceptional content and reach, combined with strategic marketing solutions, offers advertisers and marketers the opportunity to effectively reach their target audiences.

Postmedia is proud to support the communities we serve by partnering with local businesses, nonprofit organizations, and charities. Please note that Postmedia does not sponsor projects which are personal, religious, or political in nature.

Your request will be reviewed by our sponsorship team and you will receive feedback in a minimum of four weeks. A request made less than four (4) weeks before the start of an event or project may be declined.

Please fill out the form and someone will be in contact with you via email within 2-3 business days. If this matter is urgent please call us.